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Welcome Students & Parents

Religious Mission Statement

St. Paul Albanian Catholic Church, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, will strive to bring parents and

children of the parish into a deep, personal communion with Christ and His Church,

and to foster in them a missionary zeal for souls by:

  • Proclaiming the Word of God and His loving plan of salvation as expressed in Holy Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church

  • Acknowledging every person as a child of God, uniquely created by the Father in His image and likeness;

  • Teaching the Person of Jesus Christ, the source and summit of all life, through whom we are granted our salvation.

The Parent/Catechist Partnership

“Parents are the principal and first educators of their children” (CCC 1653).

The home is where a child should first experience the Catholic faith. The parish Religious

Education aims to work in partnership with parents, in order to assist them in living their vocation of their children.

The Religious Education program should complement, not replace, the catechesis that children should receive in the home.

Classes begin September 16th, 17th & 18th
  • 1st Communion Class 5pm-8pm Mrs. Dila Dushaj
  • 1st Communion Classes 4pm-7pm w/ Ms. Brunilda, Ms. Laureta & Mr. Danny
  • Confirmation Classes 4pm-7pm w/ Mr. Louie & Mr. Mark
  • 1st Communion Classes 9am-12:45pm w/ Mr. Franz, Ms. Gjelina & Ms. Shaqja
  • Confirmation Classes 9am-12:45pm w/ Mr.Kanto & Mr. Tony
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